Pacific Hideaways

Pacific Hideaways


Suggested stay: 3-5 nights

Setting: Island / Beach

Best time to go: Year round

In a nutshell: A casual investigation of Panama’s bountiful Pacific coast will result in the discovery of numerous long, sandy beaches, where international resorts such as the Westin in Playa Bonita just 15 minutes from downtown Panama City or the Buenaventura Resort in Playa Blanca, 2 hours from Panama City have set shop. However, a more detailed inspection will reveal a handful of hidden coves and uninhabited islands where exquisite boutique hotels provide the ideal hideaway for perennial romantics and fresh honeymooners. They sit on cliffs overlooking the ocean or at seaside, their infinity pools merging into the blue horizon; they are quiet and peaceful, harmonious and trendy; they understand the significance of a carefully prepared, delectable meal and the importance of a peaceful haven where travelers can soothe their muscles and worries away from urban routine. We are referring to Hacienda del Mar in San Jose Island in Las Perlas Archipelago, the Seagull Cove Resort in Boca Chica, one hour from the David Airport in Chiriqui, or the Cala Mia, situated on an uninhabited island also in the Boca Chica area.


  • Secluded boutique hotels
  • Beautiful, rarely visited beaches
  • Peace and tranquility or full-service destination

How to get there

  • Daily flights from Panama City plus airport transfer (San Jose Island; Boca Chica)
  • Overland transfer from Panama City (Playa Bonita; Playa Blanca)

What to do

  • Beachcombing
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water sports
  • Rest and relax

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