Panama Eco-Adventures

Come commune with nature in Panama and enjoy exciting activities such as zip lining and canopy tours, island adventures, snorkeling and diving, and visiting the indigenous communities. Includes a historical Colonial Quarter stroll & Panama La Vieja Ruins Tour in Panama City, a visit to the Panama Canal’s daily operations, all private land transportation within Panama, tours & English-speaking assistance.

Adventuring Panama

11 nights - From $1,492 p/person

Meet the Guna Indians in San Blas. Get thrilled on a zip-line tour, hike in the cloud forest, and raft the Chiriqui River in Boquete. Enjoy a chocolate tour en route to Bocas del Toro and its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Hike in Soberania National Park from Gamboa and explore the islands around Gatun Lake that is home to spectacular flora and fauna.

Highlands and Islands

8 nights - From $1,066 p/person

Explore the Panama Canal backwaters in search of wildlife. Meet the Guna Indians in San Blas. Take a coffee tasting tour of the world's best coffee and hike in the cloud forest of Boquete. And spend leisure times at Panama's capital city.

Panama Eco-Escapade

7 nights - From $746 p/person

Sunbathe on uninhabited islands, explore national parks, and enjoy the snorkeling and diving areas at Bocas del Toro, exploring its underwater treasures. Go on a group excursion at Zapatilla Cayes and Dolphin Bay. Experience the nocturnal safari in the rainforest, and ride on a boat in the Panama Canal backwaters in search of wildlife.

Panama Family Eco-adventure

10 nights

Watch the tankers cross Miraflores Locks and boat the Panama Canal backwaters in search of wildlife. Mingle with the Embera Indians. Hike in the cloud forest and visit a local farm. Enjoy a chocolate tour in an indigenous community. Explore Bocas del Toro's underwater treasures and uninhabited cayes.